Andrew Woolley


In 1977, set an unbreakable record for SW Michigan’s Lakeshore Little League with a hitless season (yes, a .000 batting average). Has had a little more success in the game using his camera.

Tony Farlow


Started shooting baseball to be close and record the history of the game I love. All these years later the truth is I’m still just a baseball fan with nice camera gear.

Tom Priddy


Retired after 45 years as a daily journalist, but still shooting baseball, which he began doing seriously in 1998.

Zachary Lucy

West Coast Liaison

We’ve never actually met Zachary, or know what liaison means, so here’s a stock photo of “smiling guy with camera working on computer wearing spectacles”.

Brian Westerholt

Chief Operating Officer

Why yes, you do recognize him from MTV’s game show Remote Control, but sadly he did not get his own game show, Ken Ober better watch out.  Colin Quinn were cool.

Mike Janes

Chief Executive Officer

Played collegiate baseball and football, coached 17 seasons (baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, special olympics).  Once slept 8 full hours.